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The Sense of Cocoa
A possible consequence of cancer treatment, Dysgeusia makes food taste differently: sometimes metallic, sometimes acid, and sometimes completely tasteless. But besides compromising the sense of taste, it has no other effect – and ends up getting very little attention. In this installation, the Michelin-starred pastry chef Jordi Roca joined forces with a medical team to try and answer the question: can we make people feel taste through their memory? After a series of interviews and intense research, we created a sensorial experience to awake the patients’ emotions and memories regarding the universal delight of chocolate, and applied synesthesia stimuli to help bring their sense of taste back.

The Sense of Cocoa on YouTube

Role: Concept, Research
Client: BBVA
Year: 2019
Agency: Domestic Data Streamers & LLYC
With: Jordi Roca 

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