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You had to be a feminist! 

Client: Generalitat de Catalunya | Palau Robert

Role: Exhibition Script, Content Direction, Research
With: Domestic Data Streamers & Natza Farré
Currently showing at Mercat del Pla-Lleida until May 16th.

Overview: 80k visits | 4M interactions onTwitter | 1.931 testimonials onsite

"You had to be a feminist" reflects the systematic discrimination faced by over half the world’s population, the arduous path which all women have to walk each day just because of who they are. The theme running through the exhibition shows how sexism envelopes and conditions society, making women invisible by pushing them into the background in so many situations.

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About the research: Surveys, Sexism and the Beauty of Question-Making on Medium

Selected Press
“Feminista Havies de Ser se convierte en un fenómeno en el Palau Robert” LaVanguardiaFeminista tenías que ser: el machismo en datos Yorokobu
Feminista Havies de Ser TV3
Feminista tenías que ser Adhertising

Violence against women reveals structural foundations that have to be brought down if progress is to be made. In short, viewing the world around us shows us that the demands are just and absolutely necessary.