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Erika Lust Films
Erika Lust is an independent erotic filmmaker, author, and director making alternative adult cinema. Her work is focused in a new concept of sexual expression where the feminine viewpoint is vital and the cinematography plays a major role. Her biggest project, XConfessions, is a collaborative forum of erotic fantasies, where people share their story and Erika select a few to be turned into short films. My job was to make sure all fantasies published were free from sexism and misogyny, manage the totality of the content of her 7 websites, coordinate events and make sure Erika’s brand was correctly seen and read across all channels.

Media milestones:
Pornografía en femení on Filmoteca de Catalunya
Hot girls wanted: Turned on on Netflix

Role: Content Manager, PR Officer
Client: Erika Lust Films
Years: 2016/2017
Overview: Content managemet of 7 websites. Event organization and Curatorship for an erotic screening at Filmoteca de Catalunya as the opening of a movie cycle about Censorship. Editorial planning of nonprofit platform “The Porn Conversation”.

The Porn Conversation is a non-profit project that offers free and easily accessible tools for families and educators to talk to young people about sex - beginning with the topic of porn.

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