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Cultura a Tot Arreu

Cultura a Tot Arreu (Culture Everywhere) is a campaign developed to communicate the expansion of Girona Cultura, the public organization promoting art & culture in the province of Girona, Catalonia. Our main goals were to communicate the organizations' different programs (the agenda, focused on visitors and spectators; the creator's community, focused on artists and creators; and the online content platform, focused on the general audience) and to convey all that, plus the integration of new towns to the program, into a visual campaign that would generate awareness and appeal among Girona's neighbours.


Role: Conceptualization, Strategy, Copywriting
Client: Girona Cultura | Ajuntament de Girona
Year: 2023
With: Nuria Sierra Studio
Language: Catalan 
Overview: Street banners, social content, radio and video ads, hotsite. 


With the claim Cultura a Tot Arreu (Culture Everywhere) I aimed to inspire two readings: first, a celebration of the multiple cultural offerings from the territory; second, a reminder of the physical expansion of the program, with its 10 different towns and multiple ways of consumption, from physical attendance to online streamings.

With presence in multiple channels, our storytelling played to unfold in two ways: Culture Everywhere (daily life): in the street, on the stage, in the library, on the couch (and so on) and Culture Everywhere (maps & territory): in Girona, in Celrà, in Salt (and all of the program's 10 towns).

Graphically, we honoured the diagonal lines (inherited from the previous identity) and added the gradients to represent the blurring of territorial borders. The visual universe, as well as the choice of colours, sets the tone for a diverse and upbeat story that is in constant transformation, like culture itself.

The 360º strategy consisted in personalized mail, street banners, social content, radio and video ads, as well as the launch of a new hotsite to facilitate the access to Girona Cultura's individual programs. The campaign ran during Spring 2023 and was commissioned by the Girona City Council. The hotsite remains live.
Hoping to evoke a feeling of pride and belonging, we created a strong brand presence for Girona Cultura as well as set the foundations for continuous evolution and expansion.

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